CORE Consulting Application

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2. Your name:
7. Nonprofit address:
14. How were these funds primarily raised? Check all that apply.
17. Finish this sentence by checking off all that apply: "In this season of ministry, we mostly need help with __________________."

Please respond Yes or No to each question below:

Purpose & Strategy

Our organization has a clearly stated purpose.
Our organization has an up-to-date, strategic plan in place.
Our organization sets goals, objectives and timelines based on the strategic plan.


Our organization has a legal board that complies with external industry and government standards.
Our board has regularly-scheduled meetings that are documented and attendance of board members is considered adequate.
Our board is organized, is of sufficient size and expertise, and provides oversight and accountability to keep the organization on track with its purpose.
Our organization has a completed Board Policy Manual.


Our Executive Director has the necessary skill-set to lead the organization well.
Our Executive Director has a competent staff that can lead the organization toward its desired purpose.
Our Executive Director and staff are compensated appropriately based on industry standard.
Our Executive Director is evaluated annually by the board.

Operations & Programs

Our organization knows how to measure the effectiveness of our programs.
Our organization has what we need (i.e. sufficient equipment, infrastructure, office space, etc.) to accomplish our desired purpose.
Our organization effectively trains and organizes volunteers.


Our organization operates each year with an Annual Fundraising Plan.
Our organization uses accounting software for budget analysis, collection and reporting of donations.
Our organization has multiple income streams of revenue sources.
Our board members are actively fundraising on behalf of the organization
Our board members (100%) give financially to the work of our organization.

Communications & Marketing

Our marketing materials raise awareness for the work of our organization.
Our organization has a website that is current and accurately communicates the purpose of our organization.
Our organization has a good working relationship with our local community.
Our organization collaborates with other local community organizations as opportunities present themselves.

Risk Management

Our organization has sufficient liability and directors’ and officers’ insurance.
Our organization is up to date in filing our 990 forms.
Our organization has documented policies and procedures for our employees.
Our organization has internal financial controls in place for the handling of money, expense reimbursements, approval of spending, capital purchases, etc.


Our organization compares our financial performance against a projected and board-approved annual budget.
Our organization has sufficient accounting staff, or a third-party relationship in place, to adequately handle the financial management of our organization.
Our organization uses a computer-based accounting software system to capture and analyze financial dealings of the organization.
Our organization uses an outside accounting firm to conduct an annual audit or review of our financial activities.
Our organization has cash reserves in the bank to cover unexpected expenses.