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Q1 2022 Training is up to you!

Pick and choose whichever training fits your organizational needs - 2 fundraising and 3 leadership options, both in-person and online!  Click on the links to read more and register.

LEADERSHIP: Spiritual Practices for Vigor & Vitality
Your leadership flows best, not from giftedness and skills, but from a heart nurtured by intimacy with God. Join Dr. Ted Wueste from The Spiritual Formation Society to learn more about this intimacy and leadership vigor.

LEADERSHIP: Break Out of Your Personal Box So Your Team Can Flourish
In order to lead yourself and your team well, you have to understand matters of human nature, motivation, the brain, and the Bible.  Trainer Angie May, from Kairos Koaching, is back!

FUNDRAISING: Maximizing Your 2022 Monthly Giving Program
Work smarter in 2022 by growing your monthly giving program!  This interactive session with Heather Hicks will uncover easy and fruitful steps to take all throughout the year that will bring about long-lasting returns.

FUNDRAISING: A Theology of Fundraising & Elements of the Ask
If you want to change the world, you have to know how to pay for it - the Ask has to be made!  Join this session with Jonathan Roe to learn what the Bible says about Asking, and to develop your 2022 Asking Plan.

LEADERSHIP: The Art of Serving & Supervising
During this session specifically for EDs, CEOs, Supervisors, and Board Chairs, Dr. Stephen Campbell will inspire you to be an organizational Culture Creator who knows how to practice the principle of "Withness."

Upcoming Events

  • January 19th / Online

    Spiritual Practices for Vigor & Vitality
    Online / 10:00am  (Dr. Ted Wueste)

  • January 27th / In-Person

    Break Out of Your Personal Box
    In-Person / 9:00am / CCV Peoria  (Angie May)

  • Feb. 8th or 24th / In-Person

    Maximizing Your Monthly Giving Program
    Click HERE for Feb. 8th in Phoenix  (H. Hicks)
    Click HERE for Feb. 24th in Gilbert  (H. Hicks)

  • Feb. 10th or 22nd / In-person

    A Theology of FR & Elements of the Ask
    Click HERE for Feb. 10th in Gilbert  (J. Roe)
    Click HERE for Feb. 22nd in Phoenix  (J. Roe)

  • February 16th / Online

    The Art of Serving & Supervising
    Online / 10:00am  (Dr. Stephen Campbell)

More Great Opportunities!

Breakfast on the weekend is fun!  Come gather with your ministry friends on Saturday, January 22nd, from 8:00 - 9:30 am, in the East Valley.  More details coming soon!

Upcoming Events

  • January 22nd / In-Person

    Meet & Eat Networking Breakfast
    Location coming soon!

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