Welcome to Micro-Grants!

Micro-Grants is a Venture 1:9 grant initiative that helps Christian nonprofits become financially sustainable
by training them to raise up new financial partners and new resources for ministry.

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Upcoming Key Dates

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Make note of the above key dates for deliverables, training options, and check-in calls for the 2022 Program.
All training calls are at 12:30 pm, and all Friday calls are at 12:00 pm.

Here - Additional details pertaining to the above dates.
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Many nonprofits say that consistent fundraising is their biggest challenge. To begin with, fundraising must be viewed from a right perspective and the right strategies must be implemented – and it takes time! The Micro-Grants Program helps leaders prioritize fundraising and make resource development an integral part of who they are and what they do.

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Through Micro-Grants, ministries are trained, coached, and mentored in how to leverage $2,500 and grow it to $10,000+ over a 90-day period. The foundational skills learned through this process provide the ministry with the ability to develop and meet future fundraising goals.

Training & Coaching

Micro-Grants training and coaching focuses on messaging, donor acquisition, monthly giving, major gifts, making an ask, donor retention, building relationships, donor communication, reporting on impact, fundraising strategies and implementation, and more.  Specifically, Micro-Grants training and coaching will help each organization:

  • Raise Round 1 Micro-Grant Funds
    Round 1 requires each organization to raise $2,500 that will be added to the $2,500 micro-grant, to create an overall $5,000 matching fund.
  • Raise Round 2 Micro-Grant Funds
    Round 2 requires each organization to raise $5,000 to match Round 1 Funds. These funds must be raised from new givers, with an emphasis on monthly giving, to create greater organizational sustainability.
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Completion & Celebration

Once Round 2 Funds have been raised, each organization will complete a Micro-Grant Feedback Report. This report will include numbers, narrative details of each organization’s fundraising journey, and will ensure that each ministry understands next steps for using newly acquired grant funds. Lastly, all micro-grantees will celebrate together and share God stories!

Together we can be courageous and make an impact. Let’s go.